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Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another. please post this here

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Emergency Contact

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Volunteering With Greer Foundations

What does it take to volunteer?

This question normally rings in the mind of one who wants to offer voluntary service;

  • What will I gain?

Ask yourself these questions;

  • Can I offer myself to provide voluntary services without material or financial rewards?
  • Do I mean it in principle in my quest to reach out to the less privileged in society made destitute by dehumanizing socio-economic structures?
  • And ultimately what drives me as a human being?

If you can answer these questions in the affirmative, then this is the right forum for you to serve the people. A volunteer should have strong motivation and commitment to offer services with dignity without imposing values on those who receive your help. This is irrespective of academics, religion, social status, etc. and must remain a servant of the people as demonstrated by the values that guiding exchange of good practices in society. Equipped with these values, this organization welcomes you to come and witness circumstances that dictate the current global systems and in a little way, help to bring real change in the lives of fellow humanity with humility, compassion and utter determination to enhance social justice.

In order for one to volunteer with us you;

  • Should be 18 years of age and no upper age limit.
  • Should be able to communicate in English fluently.
  • Should be motivational if applying to work with children or on social projects
  • Should be ready to participate in all aspects of life on the project including the domestic chores such as shopping, cooking and cleaning.
  • Should be physically fit enough to do the heavy work involved in some projects.
  • Volunteers are STRONGLY advised to take out their own personal insurance for travel, health, luggage and other personal possessions

NB: Both unskilled and skilled volunteers in both fields are eligible to participate in GF work camps

What you need to bring:

  • You will be required to bring the following essential facilities, mosquito net, mosquito repellant, a torch/flashlight/headlight, toiletries, first-aid kits, sleeping bag, sandals, a hat, a Camera and Sun cream also you can bring, pictures of your country, food from your country, cultural materials (e.g. flag), toys for kids for interacting with other volunteers and the local community during home visits. .
  • Volunteers are STRONGLY advised to take out their own personal insurance for travel, health, luggage and other personal possessions.
  • Volunteers must bring with them sufficient funds to cover their free time activities as well as their transportation costs.

Special requirements:

All things can be purchased before your departure in Nairobi; Worry not light bags are the best for traveling.

Equal Opportunities

  • Projects are open to people above 18 year and of any gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality or religion and also physically challenged persons.GF will strive to ensure that the volunteers on the project especially the work camps are part of a group that is as internationally diverse as possible and tries to avoid having too many volunteers from the same country on the same project.

Equal Opportunities

GF will not pass on the details of any of the volunteers on our database to any persons without their consent other than the host organization to which they are applying.

Airport transfer

It’s very important for any volunteer volunteering with us to provide us with the travel information to enable us to receive them at the airport upon arrival. Flight confirmation MUST be done by e-mail with full flight details provided. Volunteers should be patient at the airport upon arrival in case they are not able to identify a GF representative. The transfer will cost 30 Euros for the two way transfer; this will not include transport to and from the project.


Volunteers will be accommodated in host families while other projects will accommodate volunteers at the project site. In all these scenarios volunteers will be able to have a room with bedding.

Educational program

Kiswahili lessons will be offered for free to all volunteers who will be interested.